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Rede de Arrojamentos de Cetáceos do Arquipélago da Madeira


Madeira cetacean stranding network


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European Cetacean Society Conference - ECS2013
A First assessment of the cetaceans' occurence and threats in the offshore waters of Madeira  Applying distance sampling techniques to estimate Bottlenose Dolphin abundance in Madeira Island waters: First Approach  Evaluation of some ecological parameters of Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops Truncatus) in Madeira Archipelago: Implications for it's conservation
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Projeto Cetáceos Madeira II
Cetáceos Madeira II Poster
flyer-cetaceosCetaceos Madeira II Flyer calendarioCalendário 2011-2012 Cetáceos Madeira II pintarolas
Pintarolas e o futuro do mar - Um contributo para a Rede Natura 2000 book
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Protocols and CMII Project’s Technical Plans
Bottlenose dolphin Photo-identification protocol Nautical surveys protocol WW Protocol (Whale Watching) Objective technical plan 3
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Cetáceos Madeira Project

Document B

Nautical Surveys Protocol

Document C

Aerial Surveys Protocol

Document D

Lookout Posts Protocol

Document E

Strandings Protocol

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Document F

Cetaceans’ conservation Status in the Archipelago of Madeira 

Document G

Proposed Conservation Measures

Document H

Permanent Cetacean Monitoring Programme in the Archipelago of Madeira

Document J

Whale Watching activity characterisation report and its impact assessment

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Final Report and Annexes

Book: Cetáceos no Arquipélago da Madeira

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Projeto Macetus
Scientific Protocols Proposed Macaronesian Network for Cetaceans Study and Conservation  Project Macetus Final Report and Annexes Divulgation Article - Mundo Submerso, November 2005
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European Cetacean Society Conference - ECS 08

Comparing the epipelagic diet between short-beaked common dolphin and Atlantic spotted dolphin in two atlantic oceanic Archipelagos

Impact assessment of Whale-Watching boats on cetaceans in Madeira Archipelago

Characterization of Whale-Watching activity in Madeira Archipelago

Attempt to rescue a Pygmy sperm whale stranded alive in Madeira Island

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Observations of short-finned pilot whales and atlantic spotted dolphins toward dead calves

Vertical and spatial movements of sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) in Madeira and Azores archipelagos

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Madeira cetacean stranding network (RACAM) Dissemination Articles
RACAM Poster
Published article in National Geographic magazine - PT, October 2011 edition
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