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Madeira cetacean stranding network
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To preserve the heritage and the historical record of whaling in Madeira, to produce information and spread understanding of cetaceans and the marine environment through an environmentally responsible integrated policy, based on museology, education and scientific research, to contribute to bringing people closer to the sea.

To be recognised by society in general and similar national and international institutions as a dynamic, creative and innovative multidisciplinary cultural centre, where the museum space reinvents itself in the dimensions of education and scientific research, actively contributing  to the development of citizenship.

"An open door for knowledge, a window to the sea."

Functional organisation

The functional organization of the institution reflects its mission through its action areas and incorporates the principles of integration, cooperation and interdisciplinary in different functional units.

The diagram below represents the MWM’s functional structure, where it is possible to identify the different functional units, namely the Science Unit, Museology Unit/History, Education Unit, Commercial services/Marketing and support services.

The interactions/collaboration between all units expected to fulfil the mission and moving towards the institution’s vision are also represented.


Diagrama representando a estrutura funcional considerada para o MBM

Functional units

Science Unit
The science unit has offices and laboratories, storage for biological reference collections, necropsy room, cold stores and freezer chambers for stranded animals. In here the biologists work on scientific research projects.
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Educational Services
The Museum's educational services have an educational space equipped with didactic materials allowing the exploration of various themes of the sea and marine life, especially cetaceans. In addition to study visits several activities related to cetaceans are held. 
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Museology Unit/History
Responsible for the permanent exhibition rooms with two areas: "The History of Whaling in Madeira “and” The cetaceans and marine life." The unit is responsible for ensuring Museological collections by collecting new artefacts and heritage elements. Learn more here

Commercial Services/marketing
The building also includes a set of spaces with commercial functions, important for the institution to have the ability to generate revenue needed to cover the costs of its operation. 
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Support services and common areas
The museum has a set of supporting areas as well as maintenance and hygiene services which contribute to keep the smooth functioning of the institution.