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Rede de Arrojamentos de Cetáceos do Arquipélago da Madeira


Madeira cetacean stranding network


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Environmental awareness activities may occur within or outside the museum, with activities such as beach cleaning campaigns, themed games or lectures. The lectures cover topics such as cetacean biodiversity and sustainable development, being adapted to the age of the target audience.

School Year Themes Description
Pre-school If I were a whale... Studying whales and dolphins as animals that live in the sea: feeding, breathing and communication.
1ºCEB Let the dolphins in Madeira swim (1º and 2º year) Distinguishing whales from dolphins by making an approach to biodiversity.
Whales and Dolphins – Mammals like me (3º e 4ºAnos) Besides addressing the biodiversity of cetaceans the characteristics of cetaceans as marine mammals are also mentioned.
2ºCEB How to classify cetaceans? A simplified approach to the taxonomy of cetaceans Is carried out.
3ºCEB Cetaceans and the marine ecosystem Cetaceans are integrated in the marine ecosystem, by addressing the issue of waste and overexploitation of resources.
From the whalers to biologists The evolution of professions related to cetaceans in a historical perspective. 
Secondary School
Scientific research on cetaceans Some of the scientific research techniques on cetaceans developed in whale museum are presented.
EFA´s Cetaceans in Madeira – a cultural approach Cetaceans are presented as a cultural element in Madeira: from the history of whaling to scientific research.


1.    The lectures have approximately 30 to 45 minutes, depending on age and the audience participation;

2.    The proposed theme for each level of schooling can be changed according to the audience needs. It is possible to contact the Educational Services and to request a specific content;

3.    Environmental awareness can be complemented, where relevant, with fun games;

4.    The lectures depend on the availability of the services therefore it is suggested to book in advance.

To request a lecture or other environmental awareness activity contact us by e-mail at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 291 961 858.