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Mr. José Martins 102nd birthday


To celebrate the 102nd anniversary of José Martins (a former miller for EBAM - Madeira Whaling Company), this museum’s education services invited the “Gaivota” kindergarten and CAO Machico. The idea was to sing happy birthday (February 7th) to Mr. José Martins in a playful way and memorable fashion, involving the local community and creating intergenerational bridges. After the applause by the arrival of Mr. Martins the story "O caçador e a baleia" was told, and then we sang “Happy Birthday”, blew out the candles and in a small party throughout the morning, we cut the cake and had some tea


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Theme days


This school year the museum’s educational services decided to perform commemorative activities regarding Father's Day, Mother's Day and Grandparent's Day, thus encouraging, the intergenerational encounter. In addition, the celebration of International Museum Day (May 18th) will also be celebrated.

Nautical Modelling Workshop 


On November 16th 2013 the Nautical Modelling Workshop took place with Mr Manuel Gonzaga as a teacher. This activity was publicised to the public and subjected to prior registration. The training focused on the research, design, materials and construction techniques and propulsion.


 Christmas underwater

In order to encourage people to participate in the holiday decor of museum education services launched a challenge to the youngest. With Christmas trees to decorate the museum, children who visited us could then decorate cardboard balls created for this purpose. This initiative began on November 26th and ended on December 23rd. The chosen ball and the award-winning author were released on the museum’s facebook.


“Sleeping with the whales”


From December 7th to 8th the "sleep with the whales” night was held at the museum. This initiative was intended for children ranging from 7 to 12 years old who, after enrollment, spent the night with the whales! To start the evening, there was a treasure hunt, in search of the lost ark. Then the CozinhArte Workshop where everyone made whale and dolphin shaped cookies shaped, followed by a pre-nap snack. Before bed, they listened to the story " Uma baleia no quarto " and after a long night's sleep, we took breakfast “Whale’s appetite".  Finally, we visited the rest of the museum.


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