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Madeira cetacean stranding network
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Educational services continued to develop partnerships with several schools in order to promote education on cetaceans.

EBS Santa Cruz – The classes 5ºB, 5ºE and 9ºA invited MWM to provide support for the development of "Cetaceans in Madeira" related to the Project Area discipline. The educational services developed 15 sessions in school and addressed the issues of biodiversity and food chains that supported the construction of artefacts by students, including: Identity Cards of cetacean species and Food Chains in origami.

EB1/PE Machico – This partnership involved weekly activities with the school library whose main purpose was the development of collaborative and creative students’ writing. In the end, the students' work were compiled and originated the book   Pintarolas e o futuro do Mar – Um contributo para a Rede Natura 2000 (see photos of the presentation of the book).

EB1/PE Maroços – The partnership involved conducting laboratory oriented activities in Maroços school. It occurred during the 2nd term involving students in the 4th grade.

EB1/PE São Roque do Faial – In partnership with the School Library children's stories whose characters, created by students, were alluding to cetaceans and other marine life were developed. This partnership involved weekly activities at school during the 3rd term of the school year 2008/2009.