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Madeira cetacean stranding network
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A competition for the selection of the name of the MWM’s mascot was developed. 

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The winning name PINTAROLAS was proposed by the EB school from Caniçal. The assignment of the Madeira Whale Museum of Madeira mascot’s name, located in Caniçal by a class also belonging to Caniçal is a source of pride for the same community who mobilized through intensive promotion campaign for the name "Pintarolas".

The polling was conducted by filling coupons and online forms leading up to an approximate total of 600 votes.

The voting was massive and included the participation of several persons aged 4 years to 60 year old. Regarding the number of votes by municipality, Machico was the municipality that voted the most with 350 votes, the participation of people living in other counties outside Madeira: Lisbon, Porto, and Las Palmas are also pointed out. 




The class who suggested the winning name was awarded a trip aboard the sailboat Ziphius for watching Whales and Dolphins 

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