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Oficina do Mar (Workshop on Sea) is the name of discipline that resulted from the intervention plan for the community designed by a group of teachers at the Seminar “Mar, Sensibilização, Ensino e Potencialidades” (Sea, Awareness, Education and Capabilities"). Thus, a protocol of institutional cooperation between EB2+3 School from Caniçal, the municipality of Machico through the Madeira Whale Museum and the Madeira Natural Park. Within the educational project “Aprender com o Mar” ("Learning with the Sea") for the alternative curricular paths class from Caniçal EB2/3 School the Workshop on Sea was developed.


Discipline is implemented through weekly educational activities at the Whale Museum in order to motivate students to respect the sea and to encourage learning through practical, useful and ecological activities. During the year, students benefit from awareness raising sessions in the museum, they gather rubbish on the beaches of Caniçal which is then reused in art objects and they also collect coastal waters for analysis (pollution, temperature and pH).


The Natural Park of Madeira cooperates in the realization of boat trips, in Caniçal and the Desertas islands for rubbish collection and the gathering of water samples for analysis. The students are also building a small sailing boat and throughout the year they participate in workshops on: knots and wooden and stone sculptures. Towards the end of the school year an exhibition on the water analysis works and sculptures made ​​by students is scheduled to happen.