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Sea Shop

The Sea Shop discipline is part of the Learning with the Sea project of Caniçal's EB2/3 and subsequently turned an exhibition with the objects that students built during the school year.

This school 5º4 class with Alternative Curricular Projects come every tuesdays mornings to the Museum for the Sea Shop lesson. The purpose is to motivate this 11 students to respect the Oceans and encourage learning through pratical activities, useful and environmentally friendly behavior.

During the year students benefit from awareness raising activities in the museum, collect garbage in Caniçal beaches and reusing it in art objects, as well as water collection for analyzing it later (pollution, temperature and pH). They build a small boat and benefit from workshops throughout learning.

So far we had two special guests, Quintino Mendes who taught us to carve in wood and stone, and Marco Magalhaes who brought us "We Workshop".

A special thanks for your contribution and for making us more aware sailors!

Sea Shop Temporary Exhibit

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