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25th Madeira Whale Museum Anniversary

The Madeira Whale Museum celebrates its 25th birthday On May 28. Within these celebrations it was presented the exhibition called Dentes do Ofício, result of an educational initiative put together by our Educative Services.

This year's anniversary counted with presense of Machico's City Hall Executives, led by the President Ricardo Franco. The Government was represented by the Regional Director of Education, Marco Gomes.

The anniversary was brightened with the opening of "Dentes do Ofício" exhibition, which results from a challenge launched by the educational services of the Whale Museum to the schools of the region.

The purpose was to associate the history of whaling and whale research. For this to be possible was given to each participating school a bone shape support that should be decorated with scenes from the museum history. Two categories were created: Communication (work to gather greater number of "likes" on the social network "Facebook") and illustration (work whose artistic intervention better portray the route of the institution over its 25 years of existence).

The highlight happened in the Cetaceans room , with the candle blowing and singing of congratulations of its 25 years, who counted with the presence of former Caniçal's whalers. Later was presented the Portfolio of Museum's Educational Services.