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APOM incorporao


The Madeira Whale Museum (MWM) was the recipient of an award from the Portuguese Association of Museology (APOM). This distinction in the Incorporation category of the awards pertains to the MWM’s addition of an exhibit depicting emblematic objects associated with whale hunting. This exhibit consists of the original harpoon used in the filming of John Huston’s 1956 film “Moby Dick” whose whale hunting scenes were shot with the aid of Madeiran whale hunters, and two other Scrimshaw illustrations on sperm whale mandible bone. These objects were kindly donated to the MWM by Dr. Jacques Soulaire and the Reis family, whom we would like to thank for their gracious contributions to the enrichment of the museum’s ever-growing collection.

This is the third time the Madeira Whale Museum has been honored with an award from the Portuguese Association of Museology, to whom we extend our appreciation for their work in upholding the value of cultural heritage. A special thank you goes to the MWM’s team which gives their all daily for the benefit of this institution.

Attending the ceremony were the councilwoman Mónica Vieira (Machico Municipal Council) and the Madeira Whale Museum director Ana Nóbrega.